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Acts 9:34-I have died to sin and live to righteousness because of the Cross of Christ.

Acts 9:34—And Peter said unto him, Aeneas, Jesus Christ maketh thee whole:  arise, and make thy bed.  And he arose immediately.
Lord Jesus Christ, You Were Wounded For My Transgressions, Bruised For My Guilt And By Your Stripes—I Am Healed And Made Whole
Part One—
I have died to sin and live to righteousness because of the Cross of Christ.

I confess my sins before you that they be forgiven and release the prayer of faith that will save me from my sickness for I have confidence that Your loving Hand will restore me.  I will obey Your command and ask the elders to anoint me with oil and have them pray wit me for my healing.

Jesus, I know You have heard my prayer and forgiven all of my iniquities and healed me of all my diseases.

Father God, You sent Your Word to heal and rescue me form the grave.  As I seek a right relationship with You, Your light breaks forth like the morning and brings forth in me restoration and the power of new life.

As I revere Your name, You will arise with healing in Your wings and I will go forth and leap with joy.

Your favor surrounds me, as a shield so I know that no weapon—or disease—formed against me will prevail for this is my inheritance as Your child.  Anything that has not been planted by You shall be torn up by the roots.

I thank You, because what the enemy has hidden in darkness You have exposed and covered with Your precious Blood.  The Blood of the Spotless Lamb is on the doorpost of my soul and the death angel cannot penetrate it.

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